Our vision
Create products and technologies for Global Air Quality Control & Management
We believe that diagnostics — is the first step to any problem solution. Comprehensive Air Quality Monitoring — first step to win through the wide range of ecological challenges.
What we do
Our input to Global Air Quality Control and Management Solution
Develop and implement Air Quality Monitoring Solutions with
  • Networks with Compact Sensors
  • Classic and already existing Air Quality Monitoring Networks
  • Mathematic and ML-based dispersion models
  • Wide range of direct and indirect Air Quality Data and Emissions sources
Develop mathematical modelling of pollutants dispersion in the atmosphere and tools for analysis of ecological situation
Based on our «math» approach we can and proper verification and validation of the air quality forecasting and atmospheric dispersion models on our platform by testing model predictions against field measurements
  • Provide Super Resolution mapping and forecasting of air quality
  • Identify emissions sources
  • Determine backgrounds for air quality in the area under research
  • Forecast industrial emission footprint and plume over the area
  • Create models to forecast possible environmental footprint of different managerial decisions like town planning
Develop and produce compact state-of-the-art Air Quality Monitors
Our hardware and our high standards provide:
  • High accuracy and data reliability with small size
  • Fully autonomous Live mode
  • Operation at wide range of weather and climate conditions
  • Data verification and sensor calibration procedures including co-location experiments with reference methods and long-term performance evaluation
  • Quick integration with external solutions on «hardware to hardware» level
Develop platform providing full and updating scale of Air Quality control and management tools
Integrate into the platform our own solutions — both hardware and math — as well as those of external providers.
Key criteria we proudly identify in the platform:
  • Simplicity and visibility of air quality data. We learn how to deliver the air quality data in a smart and simple way both to professionals and nonpros
  • Extensive and easy integration of external solutions and its data verification
  • Quick integration with Smart City platform
  • Highest level of data security and protection — customers' air pollution data belong only to the customers
Our values
Research and Engineering
Open Communication
Common sense and Balance
Search of Human and Environmental Balance
We love to create useful «things»
We are happy to take great scientific and engineering challenges
We strongly believe in absolute value of balance between mankind and environment
We are looking forward to great challenges and fully realize that only in cooperation we can be as strong as we are, so we are always open for sustainable cooperation with scientists, software developers and simply to anyone who shares our values and goals.
Dmitri Chubarov,
Mathematical Modeling Team Lead
Articles & News
Articles & News
21 Feb 2022
Whoosh and CityAir launched kick scooters with air quality sensors more
How trajectory modelling and CityAir monitoring networks handle the issues in stevedore industry more
Air quality monitoring network in the Pacific Islands more
Scientific monitoring network helped researchers to initiate the PM2.5 measuring in one of the most polluted cities in Russia more
2021. First Air Quality Monitor with an alternative energy source was installed in Pacific. It provides Air Quality Monitoring for Stevedore Company
2021. Scientific School Students come to visit CityAir Hardware Team
8 Apr 2021
CityAir Monitors track volcanic eruptions. One of CityAir monitors is installed as near as 7 km from acting Volcano Ebeko, Kuril Islands. more
2 Mar 2021
CityAir has verified Air Quality data from AirQuality.report Service and the parties have agreed to have AirQuality.report integrated into AirVoice Platform more
2015. Future CityAir founders assembled first Monitor, had it drone mounted and tried to identify air pollutants concentration and altitude dependence. This is how the prototype looked like.
2 Mar 2021
CityAir announced launch of CityAir.Plume — new ultimate tool for industries
2019. CityAir team has presented latest solutions and techniques at the world's largest technology conference Web Summit in Lisbon
2021. CityAir together with friends and partners from 23 cities in 10 countries have designed a hoodie and marked it with immortal and so relevant for pandemic year JFK’s statement “We all breathe the same air”. Every participant got a hoodie.