Environmental management platform for Industrial sector
CityAir.Industry — wide range and complex methodology for air quality management in industrial sector.
CityAir.Industry — environmental management platform for Industrial sector allows to integrate ESG technologies, supports decision making process and ensures regulatory compliance.
CityAir.Industry — new approach to treat most specific requests specially developed for industries. Any cooperation starts with mutual task structuring which forms the basis for future air quality monitoring solutions.
CityAir.Industry Solutions may include:
Research, involving certified international experts
Expertise of already existing solutions
Defining the Role and Scale of Industrial Unit or Entity in terms of influence on Air Quality in the Area
Development & Implementation of Real Time Air Quality Monitoring System
Forecasting of Emissions Dispersion
CityAir Solutions for industrial Sector
Any industrial entity due its activity may face both internal and external pollution risks. In order to comply with social and governmental regulations, manage reputational risks and to be attractive for investors as a «sustainable» leader it worths having own monitoring network allowing to react and treat any issue 24/7/365.
Air Quality IoT Solution for Self-Monitoring
In our compact and fully automated air quality monitors we implement only best scientific sensor solutions. Our equipment can measure all basic urban air pollutants in accordance with WHO recommendations — PM2.5, PM10, CO, NO2, O3, SO2, H2S. Our monitors are fully compatible and integrable with other measuring equipment and sensors. Our equipment has great installation potential to meet most specific requirements and sites.
Data visualization for citizens and authorities
CityAir provides calculation of Air Pollution Index based on data received from air quality monitors and maps pollution area in a user-friendly mode specifying each location. Open air quality data helps to ensure proper dialog with inhabitants.
Dispersion of emissions from pollution sources
Plume visualization is based on mathematical model. Considers weather conditions, ground features, pollution source type and altitude, and industrial operational cycles. Provides 24 hour distribution forecast helping industries to ensure proper and controlled emission decisions and manage possible reputational and financial risks.
Occupational health and safety
Dense air quality monitoring networks help to track pollution level in any work area and react instantly to any critical changes. Keep your personnel informed about Air Quality, show your care and openness and attract the best from the best.
Articles & News
Articles & News
21 Feb 2022
Whoosh and CityAir launched kick scooters with air quality sensors more
How trajectory modelling and CityAir monitoring networks handle the issues in stevedore industry more
Air quality monitoring network in the Pacific Islands more
Scientific monitoring network helped researchers to initiate the PM2.5 measuring in one of the most polluted cities in Russia more
2021. First Air Quality Monitor with an alternative energy source was installed in Pacific. It provides Air Quality Monitoring for Stevedore Company
2021. Scientific School Students come to visit CityAir Hardware Team
8 Apr 2021
CityAir Monitors track volcanic eruptions. One of CityAir monitors is installed as near as 7 km from acting Volcano Ebeko, Kuril Islands. more
2 Mar 2021
CityAir has verified Air Quality data from AirQuality.report Service and the parties have agreed to have AirQuality.report integrated into AirVoice Platform more
2015. Future CityAir founders assembled first Monitor, had it drone mounted and tried to identify air pollutants concentration and altitude dependence. This is how the prototype looked like.
2 Mar 2021
CityAir announced launch of CityAir.Plume — new ultimate tool for industries
2019. CityAir team has presented latest solutions and techniques at the world's largest technology conference Web Summit in Lisbon
2021. CityAir together with friends and partners from 23 cities in 10 countries have designed a hoodie and marked it with immortal and so relevant for pandemic year JFK’s statement “We all breathe the same air”. Every participant got a hoodie.