Professional air quality monitoring equipment
Reliability of CityAir Equipment is confirmed by internal lab tests and external expert test procedures.
Real-time Air Quality Monitor CityAir
CityAir Monitor may be installed on a building wall, an electrical pole, or a communications tower.
Every minute monitors transfer the measurement data to the server.
Sensors for pollutants concentration measurements in the atmosphere
Modular platform allows to create a monitor with the required set of sensors in accordance with customers’ needs.
CityAir Hub allows to connect any number of CityAir extension modules or compatible sensors from external manufacturers.
Key advantages of CityAir Air Quality Monitors and Sensors
Measurement accuracy
Periodical comparative test results show that the equipment complies with reference parameters and may be treated as near reference air quality monitoring solution.
Measurements of CityAir equipment show a high degree of data convergence in the comparison case with reference equipment
Ability to operate in a wide range of weather conditions
Monitors, demonstrate full operational stability in temperatures between −40°С to +50°С and under different meteo conditions — precipitations, fog, strong wind etc.
Compact size
Due to compact size, low weight parameters and high installation potential CityAir equipment is an ideal solution for hyperlocal air quality monitoring solutions, air quality research and decisions like development of eco and healthy city districts.
Monitor Parameters:
150 × 320 × 420 mm
Sensor Parameters:
205 × 205 × 255 mm
Continuous, measurements in real time mode
CityAir monitors transfer the measured data to ecological platform of a Client or to CityAir Platform, a tool for air quality management and control.
Operational during power outages
The, monitor remains fully functional in autonomous mode for the minimum of 24 hours. For places without power subply CityAir has developed a solar energy version.
What does typical CityAir Monitor measures
Monitoring posts are designed measure typical city area pollutants (particulate matters and gases) and to define basic meteorological parameters.
CityAir Monitor
PM2.5, PM10, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure
Module G1
Carbon monoxide (CO), Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Ozone (O3)
Module G2
Sulfur dioxide (SO2), Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
Temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction
Integrated 3-d party modules
Any combinations of any air quality solutions (integrations to be defined individually)
Modules coming soon
Methane (CH4), Ammonia (NH3), Formaldehyde (CH2O), Nitrogen monoxide (NO)
Articles & News
Articles & News
21 Feb 2022
Whoosh and CityAir launched kick scooters with air quality sensors more
How trajectory modelling and CityAir monitoring networks handle the issues in stevedore industry more
Air quality monitoring network in the Pacific Islands more
Scientific monitoring network helped researchers to initiate the PM2.5 measuring in one of the most polluted cities in Russia more
2021. First Air Quality Monitor with an alternative energy source was installed in Pacific. It provides Air Quality Monitoring for Stevedore Company
2021. Scientific School Students come to visit CityAir Hardware Team
8 Apr 2021
CityAir Monitors track volcanic eruptions. One of CityAir monitors is installed as near as 7 km from acting Volcano Ebeko, Kuril Islands. more
2 Mar 2021
CityAir has verified Air Quality data from Service and the parties have agreed to have integrated into AirVoice Platform more
2015. Future CityAir founders assembled first Monitor, had it drone mounted and tried to identify air pollutants concentration and altitude dependence. This is how the prototype looked like.
2 Mar 2021
CityAir announced launch of CityAir.Plume — new ultimate tool for industries
2019. CityAir team has presented latest solutions and techniques at the world's largest technology conference Web Summit in Lisbon
2021. CityAir together with friends and partners from 23 cities in 10 countries have designed a hoodie and marked it with immortal and so relevant for pandemic year JFK’s statement “We all breathe the same air”. Every participant got a hoodie.