Dust dispersion control solution for coal transloading terminal
One of the largest stevedore companies decided to introduce a dust dispersion control solution to the already existing dust suppression equipment. Key components of the system — continuous air quality monitoring network, software for dust dispersion forecast and visualization alongside with information dashboard for the citizens.
The System allows to fully control pollution dispersion and inform people and the authorities about air quality in the area of coal transload terminal and its surroundings.
Despite the relevant preventive measures for dust suppression (micrometer machines and semi-sphere shelters) during winter period, especially at low temperatures, the citizens of the nearest urban entities have observed dust clouds. It occurred that coal dust suppression additives lose efficiency at low temperatures and may cause several dust emissions.
To avoid emergencies the Stevedore’s management team has reduced the coal reload volumes at low temperatures. But the situation needed extra preventive solutions which could forecast of dust plume trajectory and help to optimize operational cycles of the Company. Moreover one of the key issues was to identify the Company’s influence on air quality in the area under research where there are several coal transload terminals.
Dense Air Quality Monitoring network with 11 CityAir Monitors has been deployed within the Company’s area under research — transload zone, closest urban entities and outside zone. The monitors measure PM10 and PM2.5, CO, NO2, O3 and provide meteo data.
All the data is accumulated via CityAir Platform further processed and visualized on the web service available for authorized personnel and management of the Company. The platform comprises CityAir.Plume software calculating and 24h ahead forecasting dust plume dispersion.
Air Quality Index is also available for public use so that citizens and authorities could observe Stevedor’s compliance with eco security norms and regulations.
Integration with external equipment
A good example how CityAir Solutions may be fully compatible with external equipment. Transload operational areas of the Company with high pollutants concentration are equipped with Sintrol Dumo Pro Meter which was successfully integrated into the platform. The data is further transferred to CityAir and CityAir.Plume and considered for dispersion forecasting.
Remote monitoring solutions
One of the Monitors was deployed in the location with no possibilities for external power supply. To meet the requirements of the Client CityAir Engineering has developed in a very impressive 2-month period remote solar power supply. With this CityAir Networks have received even greater deployment potential and may cover most specific areas and meet most strict installation requirements.
CityAir.Plume forecast and dust dispersion visualization
CityAir.Plume is based on a mathematical dispersion model which calculates plume’s trajectory. The model provides the detailed meteo forecast for the period under analysis, considers emission source type and dust suppression factor as well as a great number of operational peculiarities.
The tool may provide evaluation of possible emission consequences with the forecast for up to 24 hours as well as analize emission dispersion from the past periods. CityAir System provides a full comparative picture of the forecast and instrumental measuring means.
Real picture. Already on the early stage after the deployment it was proved that the real influence of the Stevedore on the air pollution in the area is exaggerated - among 11 monitors only one has shown from mid to high pollution levels. It has sustainably helped the Company to keep strong position when communicating with the authorities, ecology control bodies and movements as well as optimize operational decision making processes and keep the reputation of a responsible industry and neighbour.
Preventive measures based on forecasting and statistical analysis helped to limit and reduce dust dispersion beyond the sanitary zone.
Providing Public access to the Air Quality Data will help the Company to further show its openness and fair approach and inform the citizens and the authorities about the measures.
Lowering of financial and reputational risks
The Stevedore’s area is regularly being checked by the competent authorities and analyzed for possible emission levels violations. Own monitoring network helps the Client to be prepared for any types of governmental checks and control measures.
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